We are beginning the 6th & 7th grade enrollment process for your child.  In 7th grade, students have the opportunity to select their Encore classes.  Encore classes in 7th grade are similar to the exploratory classes your child has had during 6th grade.    

All student enrollment forms are due on or before Monday, March 4th. You can download a Student Enrollment Sheet (PDF). Students should return their enrollment form to their home base teacher.  Students will enroll during their Life Education class, using our online enrollment process, the week of March 4th through March 8th.  If your child needs a new enrollment form, please call Plaza Middle School at (816) 359-4210.

-The direct link for the full Middle School Course Planning Guide is at: https://bit.ly/2tHM2rP

Please be sure you and your child understand the participation requirements for the Encore courses they have selected and be as accurate as possible.  Middle School Classes are formed based on projected course enrollment numbers. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Plaza Middle School (816) 359-4210.

Plaza Parent Orientation Night

If you were unable to make it to Parent Orientation night, we invite you to check out our slideshow presentation (PDF).

Here's a link find out more about the AVID Program (PDF) for your child at Plaza Middle School:  https://bit.ly/2H8rTTG
For a video presentation with information on the AVID Program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6LaLFYmisw&feature=youtu.be