About Our School

Plaza Middle School tiger mascot

The 6th grade year marks an important milestone in a child's education in the Park Hill School District, the first year of secondary education.  Plaza Middle School offers a unique environment to promote this transition from elementary to secondary education.

Colors: Red, Black and Purple

Mission Statement

The Plaza Middle School staff partners with students, parents, and community to provide a 21st century education during a transitional year by nurturing the academic, social, emotional, and physical development of each child in a diverse, caring environment.


Academic Teams: Plaza Middle School is comprised of eight smaller academic teams.  Every 6th grader is placed on one of these teams.  There are four core teachers on each team.  The names of the eight academic teams are:  Heroes, Incredibles, Knights, Legends, Novas, Olympians, Phoenix and Thunderbirds.

Core and Exploratory Classes: Core classes include:  Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Life Education.  The core classes are year long courses.  Exploratory classes include:  Physical Education (which meets every other day all year), Computer Applications and Music (which are semester courses).  Exploratory wheel classes include:  Art, Technology Education, Family and Consumer Science, and World Cultures (each class is a nine week quarter course).

Plaza has a two day rotating class schedule - Red day followed by a Purple day.