Growth and Development

6th Grade Growth and Development Curriculum
Posted on 11/15/2018

The 6th Grade Health and 6th Grade Life Education contain curricular standards for Growth and Development.  

Park Hill 6th Grade Health Curriculum Link

Park Hill 6th Grade Life Ed Curriculum Link

The lesson for Tuesday will be specific to the following standard:  Growth & Development Video about Puberty for both Males and Females.  Students will watch board-approved videos detailing physical changes occurring during puberty for both boys and girls.  There are 2 videos:  1 about changes in males during puberty and 1 about changes in females during puberty.

At the team level, students will watch the BOE approved videos. For the lesson, students will be separated by gender on the team. Each of the groups will watch both videos. The girls will watch the girl puberty video and then will watch the boy puberty video. The boys will watch the boy puberty video and then will watch the girl puberty video.

You can access the videos from the following links.

Boy Puberty Education Video

Girl Puberty Education Video

Should you have questions, please contact your child’s home base teacher.