Sixth-Grade Orientation

Sixth-grade orientation date for 2020-21 school year soon to come!  

Orientation will give your child an opportunity to meet their WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) Leader, the option to try out their new lockers and the option to test out their bus route.  


Q:  Where can I find bus route information for my student? 
A:  At this time we are working on bus route details.   
Q:  What if my student attends Prime Time after orientation? 
A:  Your student will need to ride the assigned bus that transports students back to Prime Time at Congress.   

Q:  What if I have a 7th or 8th-grader who would like to attend? 
A:  This event is only available to 6th-grade students and invited 8th-grade WEB leaders. 

Q:  What if I just enrolled my student and I need a bus assignment? 
A:  Please contact your school and ask our front office staff to help you get the bus information.   

Q:  What if there is health information I would like to share about my student? 
A:  Please include this information in the submission of your RSVP. 

Q:  Will I receive a confirmation of the RSVP that I submitted so that I know my student is accounted for? 
A:  Yes.  We will send an email confirmation at the beginning of August.