Resource Officer

We are excited to welcome Deputy Ariel Belkonen to Plaza!  

Deputy Belkonen

Our School Resource Officer (SRO) is Ariel Belkonen (Bell for short), a Deputy Sheriff with the Platte County Sheriff's Office. Deputy Belkonen spends the majority of her days at Plaza and also shares time with a few elementary schools in the district. Prior to law enforcement, she worked primarily with children in various mentoring positions. Deputy Belkonen had a strong calling to law enforcement and a passion working with children so when the opportunity to do both fell in her lap, she quickly accepted. Deputy Belkonen enjoys getting to know the kids and looks forward to all the friendly faces here at Plaza. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her fiance and two fur babies -- Koli Pig the papillon and Daisy Duck the chi-weenie.‚Äč

Deputy Ariel Belkonen