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Grading Information

photo of teacher grading

Grading Scale

To maintain consistency among teachers, teams, and middle schools, the following grading scale should be used to calculate student grades:

  • 93-100% = A
  • 90-92% = A-
  • 87-89% = B+
  • 83-86% =  B
  • 80-82% = B-
  • 77-79% =  C+
  • 73-76% =  C 
  • 70-72% = C-
  • 67-69% = D+
  • 63-66% = D
  • 60-62% =  D-
  • Below 59% =  F

Life Education is a Pass/Fail Class
The grade of A+ should not be used for official grading purposes. 

NOTE: Students with an IEP or 504 plan may have modified grading as a part of the educational plan. Please consult the student's case manager when determining grades for these students.

Grading Overview

Grades will be reported using the district grading scale listed above. Grades will fall into one of two categories: 80% and 20%.

See Your Child's Grades

The Park Hill School District offers parents immediate access to grades and attendance information through the online Infinite Campus system. 

If you do not have your login and password to Infinite Campus, contact your us and ask for the technology specialist, who will be happy to help you.

Infinite Campus