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Clubs and Groups

Quarter 1 intramural information will be coming soon!  Remember that intramurals will be held 5 weeks of the quarter on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS only (a total of 10 sessions each quarter).  

1st Quarter Dates

  • Sept 12 / Sept 14
  • Sept 19 / Sept 21
  • Sept 26 / Sept 28
  • Oct 03 / Oct 05
  • Oct 10 / Oct 12

See below for a list of the offerings this quarter!


Due to bus driver shortages, we are not able to offer transportation this quarter. Please plan to provide transportation for your student. If you need assistance with this, please reach out to Ms. Benjamin.

Future Intramural Dates

In order to help you plan ahead, here is a full list of dates of Intramural Sessions for the 2023-2024 school year.

1st Quarter, Tuesdays and Thursdays Sept 12th - Oct 12th

2nd Quarter, Tuesdays and Thursdays Nov 2nd - Dec 7th (no session on Nov 23)

3rd Quarter, Tuesdays and Thursdays Jan 23rd - Feb 22nd

4th Quarter, Tuesdays and Thursdays Apr 2nd - May 2nd

Intramural Information

Quarter 1 intramurals are underway and are NO LONGER accepting sign ups. 

Quarter 2 signs up will open at 4:00PM on Friday, October 20th and close at 11:59PM on Wednesday, November 1st.

Matt Allen - Director

Please keep the following in mind when sign ups open:

  • Pick your three favorites, they will be rostered so as many students as possible will have the opportunity to participate.
  • You will be in a maximum of two intramurals, one for Tuesday, one for Thursday.
  • Pay attention to whether you select a Tuesday or Thursday session (some are offered on both days)
  • If you cannot select an option, it has filled up!
  • Please be sure to sign up before the deadline!
  • REMINDER-Due to bus driver shortages, we are not able to offer transportation this quarter. we will revisit this for second quarter.

Students should report to Cafe after dismissal, their sponsor will collect them there.  Intramurals are dismissed at 3:50PM and students should be picked up NO LATER than 4:00PM.