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Clubs and Groups

Click on each club or group below to learn more about it, including meeting dates and times. Once you've made a decision, sign up HERE before November 4th!


We highly encourage picking up your student or having them walk home if you are nearby, so please be sure to discuss with your student how they will get home. The intramural bus is available but please be aware that drop off sites are condensed depending on the number of students which may also mean a longer bus ride home. Information about transportation on the Intramural Bus number and drop off location can be found in Infinite Campus from the District Portal page.

Q2 Intramural Information

Signups for Q2 Intramurals will open at 4:00pm on October 22 and close on November 4th at 7:00pm

Please keep the following in mind when sign ups open:

  • You may only select one intramural.
  • Pay attention to whether you select a Tuesday or Thursday session (some are offered on both days)
  • If you cannot select an option, it has filled up!
  • You can email questions to Mrs. Malone
  • Please be sure to complete the student first name, last name, parent email, transportation option**, and medical concerns.

Students should report to their Intramural activity by 2:15PM and stay until dismissed at 3:30PM